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30 June 2010 @ 09:15 am
AnTir West War Army Dinner

On Saturday, after a day of fighting valiantly on the field for An Tir, please come revive yourself and enjoy the fellowship, stories and revelry in the officers camp. Dinner begins at 6pm so bring your picnic blankets and feast gear. Soldiers, supporters and friends are welcome. The officers will be serving the chicken, pulled pork, and lamb buffet style along with a spinach salad and light dessert of yogurt, honey and fruit. Sangria and iced water will be available as well. If you would like to provide something for the tables, side dishes are encouraged in period-ish containers.

Kane and Morgan
22 April 2010 @ 10:05 am
Much like planning the birth of a child, I am planning the birthing of 4 furry children. And unlike children I am not looking for a given name but rather a kennel name to register this new litter.

The bitch is a german breed from actual german kennel lines so a german name would be nice.
Two in the running are:
Nordwesten's- northwest and duh you can see why I could pick this one.
Nordwing's- northwing and is somewhat a spin off of Wingover's which is Susan's kennel name from which all my dogs have come from.

I would like comments and more suggestions... and the obvious ones are already taken of course. Creative super minds unite!

(We have an X-ray showing them all feet down so I am hoping they all turn by Monday which is day 58 in gestation.)
11 April 2010 @ 09:30 am
A friend of a friend situation....

She knows she's loosing her job. Her house is in foreclosure and she will be living in her car. Her two dogs she's had for 10years together are unable to stay in the car locked up all day while she looks for work. At a time when her pets are dearest to her emotional stability, she is forced to place them in home. Two dachshunds and the friend are in my thoughts. Are you able to help?

too many ppl suffer at the hands of greedy other ppl. and i have discovered further proof that the govmt is in the business of tyrany.

Personal update: Preggers bitch is swollen and has fetus movmt.,supporting fighter training, spring clean trashing, can't dust enough to keep up, mourning loss of barn hangout time. Ignoring the family and finding it hard to be compasionate anymore...if you don't like it, fix it or shut up. Still amazed at the quality of the human gene pool and the ignorance of breeding. Found out my brother in law thinks it okay to hit his wife since she swings at him too. New game for them...when she hits him...I will hit her...when he hits her...Matt will hit him.
03 March 2010 @ 03:37 pm
This surpise trip to CA was a nice break. Kyrie suddenly needed to see a boy dog so we rushed down to see Susan. The first meeting was fine and they locked in a tie before I could get my coffee prepared. Kyrie was all for it until she realized she couldn't get away and play tease anymore, so she freaked out. We each held a part of her so she couldn't kick poor Mr. Nic. After the 20mins he relaxed and they were done. So off to the wine tasting we went since livermore is good for that. 2007 was a good year.
Next day we went to telegraph and ate, shopped and people watched. Rainy traffic was terrible so we watched tv and computerized until dinner with Susan again. Made plans for the next day to breed her again and did it without too much trouble. The pergo slippery floor nearly wore the poor guy out. I did a half nelson on Kyrie to make her present in a way he could reach her. She knew what was up the second time around and was not letting him have at her. Feeling odd but happy about the union and being so involved, we headed home leisurely over the next couple days. She is hopefully preggers and is due last week in April.

I am taking a judges seminar for field trials this fall and will maybe start some judging next season. This season starts off with only Merlin being able to attend since the gestation and whelping for Kyrie is going to keep her home. We are heading out to Olympia on April 17-18 at the sportsmans club for field trials.
19 February 2010 @ 10:30 pm
positive things

1)complex and creative and precise with visuals and words
2)graceful and balanced in poise
3)eye for photographic composition
4)will learn complex and scary adventurous activities
5)patient with training animals
17 February 2010 @ 10:07 am
this is the only meme i like....

04 February 2010 @ 10:05 am
Seer surgery-- went in for warty growth removal and teeth cleaning, and also came home with two less canine teeth. She's drugged out and fine. I am pouty and tediously cleaning and scraping the other dogs teeth in paranoia. Her fierce snarl is less threatning now. Senior dog is now white faced and toothless. Her stitches are out in two weeks, so she hobbles around on a bandaged foot, awkwardly, until then.

Friend surgery--doxie breeder friend going in march 11th to have female insides removed to help with problems, this following her stroke a month ago...and theft and vandalism in new rental property. Sad for her.

Kyrie non-heat--still waiting for missbloodybritches to announce her availabilty for breeding. The Spokane dude just ignores my requests for meeting. Lame. So I'm probably heading to Hayward instead. Not bad, just longer. Puppies this spring will be fun and I'm taking reservations as soon as the deed is done and she is confirmed. Talk to me....and your friends. I would like to have four people ideally as potential parents lined up.

Mom talk--she's promised to see the dermadoc in oxford. admits to picking off ticks and leaving heads in the skin, but didn't tell the doc....WTF? admits that the drugs could be a problem too...at least she is not telling me she's still got worms.

dog sled trip--going to play in the snow and meet some dogs that work for a living. Taking a half day ride with two sleds and a whole pack of malamutes and huskies. Our girls can't go along but they get to stay at the cabin with us. A real woodstove awaits our toes and bum with a view of a frozen river outside. Forcast, SUNNY.
13 January 2010 @ 06:57 pm
Totally positively wonderful to see peeps. And reasuring to know there are shoulders to lean on. Hawt bewbies theme night was a hoot! And I think i shocked a few to show a bit of mine. Time and place...if you all only knew of some of my other costumes that have involved mostly black and some electrical tape...(grins at Medea). That's not my usual forum for skin.

Finally scrubbed off the tit-tat...and proudly wore my t-shirt on Sunday and fondly thought of the coolness of various friends. The weekend of beach was refreshing and we have both stated outloud to each other about how much fun it was to just lounge, cook in the room,and walk the beach. Limited exposure to drama, and full exposure to friends makes a happy event.
Plans ensue to make use of southern fp's. And I need a goal to learn something useful and fun that isn't norse. Starting down a clothing research path and hunting for those who offered help with persian stuffs. Throw it at me.
03 January 2010 @ 10:20 am
Lets seee...something you might want to hear...hummmm. Having trouble with that...reason for very little postings. Feeling mostly caught up in tupelo crazy family issues. Mom is hallucinating from the combination of drugs used to treat her pain and anxiety. No really, bugs from honduras need to be picked out of her skin for hours at a time. Blame cymbalta and lunesta combined with other pain and hbp meds for this joyride. She's so outta her mind, we barely speak and if we do it's got to be about the weather or how much she hurts and wants me to know about how much she suffers. Or if we talk about horses, I have no clue about what I'm saying obviously because she's the expert. Can I mention here that she has never owned horses until adopting 5 wild mustangs three years ago. And never rode one to my knowledge until falling off an untrained one who she had a new saddle for and just wanted to "sit" on. That ended in a cracked hip and crutches and endless drama for the family to deal with. And my sis casually mentioned she came home one day to find mom pointing a loaded gun at someone she could only assume was dad. Can we say DANGER! and this is a casual thing to happen.....very fucked up. So next trip home will be a comming to Jesus talk for her....I don't care about how she feels about not having rights anymore. She's done causing pain. Off my chest...wonder if other people freak out with these drugs.

Bought lil sis an xbox as a reward for going back to college and getting all A's. Still waiting a week later for her and brotherinlaw to figure out how to hook it all up. Electronics and technology eluded them. We might get to play four people ult alliance including dad, when operating. Her last box was a nintendo 64 and the original mario. When she came out with me last summer we played my console for a few days and she enjoyed the upgrade to 3D. And it goes well with the netflix package we gave the 'rents for streaming HD for the new tv they got.

Taking a hotel vaccation next week...most of you call it 12th night. Friday night I'm having fun at Wlm's vigil and bringing yummies. Saturday I will be found romping on the beach with the huskies while you all enjoy meetings. Staying at the Sands for immediate dune access. The magical sewing elf is missing so nothing new...again this year....don't want to ever sew again really. Conundrum. Need body covering...lack desire. Nude is period.

I am signing off to the thought of making toast in the new toaster...yummmy cripsy cinnamon raisin goodness.
04 December 2009 @ 08:21 pm

here is my etsy fav's...cuz i don't know how to look other people up to find out their fav's...thought i'd just offer it up hoping others will share....or tell me how to see fav's.

Shopping list begins to grow. Thinking electric blanket is needed for early gift to myself. Sniffle. Insomnia is evil.